Web Design

Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Why spend lots of money in Search Engine Optimization fixing your web site to be compatible with Google when the site can be built to be search engine friendly when it is first built? At ANY Service, we work to a set of in house standards to build your web site in a fashion so that you are going to start with a great foot print on Google without any SEO work. If SEO is performed on your site, you will be already starting from a leveraged position.

Have you looked at how your site your site looks on a mobile device. If people cannot ready it, they will not stay. ANY Service can build you a mobile version of your web site to capture mobile visitors and create more “Google love” by keeping your bounce rates down by capturing mobile viewers.

As part of creating a high quality website, you will want to add different features and advanced functionality to your website. It may be a photo gallery, a blog, an ordering system, or something else. These features and functionality can help you create more loyal visitors that become more loyal customers.

You have two choices about how to create that functionality: off-the-shelf, pre-packed functionality or something custom built for your website.


Pre-Packaged Vs. Custom Built

Pre-packaged functionality works great for many websites. If you need to manage your blog, create a photo gallery, sell products, or schedule appointments there are pre-packaged options available for you that will mostly do what you want.

However, there are times when you need functionality on your website that are not available in pre-packaged form. You need functionality built specifically for your website. That functionality needs to do exactly what you want, not mostly what you want.


Custom Programming Process

  1. Reviewing & Analyzing Your Needs. ANY-Service Consulting will work with you to create a detailed plan explaining what you need and how this new functionality will work. With this, we’ll have a full understanding of what exactly you want to add to your website and how it will work.
  2. Research Options.  ANY-Service will research pre-packaged options to ensure that no solution already exists that already does what you need on your website. ANY-Service will present the options to you along with the pros and cons of each option.
  3. Custom Web Development. If we choose to custom-build your feature for your website, ANY-Service will begin the development process for your website. You’ll have clear expectations on budget and schedule, and you will be involved throughout the development process.